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Discounts at our preferred suppliers

Discounts at our preferred suppliers.

Free access to book, video, tools and magazine rentals

You will have the ability to check out items from our library. In addition to books, videos and magazines members can check out tools. Our tools for check out include:

  • Beall Wood Threading Kit - It is capable of producing both internal as well as external threads in the following sizes: 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" and 1"
  • PSJ-01 Planer Blade Setting Jig - Using a pair of micro-adjustable magnets this jig will help you install new planer blades in perfect alignment with an accuracy of +/- .025mm.
  • Sears Router Lettering Template Set Route upper case block letters and numbers in 1.5" and 2.5" sizes for signs and plaques. Contains template holder, 52 upper case templates and 20 numerals, 5/8" and 7/16" bushings and instruction sheet.
  • Worksharp 3000 Sharping Machine - The Work Sharp 3000 Woodworking Tool Sharpener is an air-cooled woodworking tool sharpening system that consistently and accurately grinds, sharpens and hones to a perfect 20°, 25°, 30° or 35° bevel angle without cumbersome jigs.
  • A-Line-It Deluxe - Machinery & Tool Alignment System
  • Drill Doctor - Drill Bit Sharpening Machine

Monthly Meetings With Guest Speakers

Monthly Meetings With Guest Speakers

Monthly Newsletter

Access to the monthly newsletters include previous years newsletters.

The opportunity to meet interesting people who share your enthusiasm for Woodworking.

The opportunity to meet interesting people who share your enthusiasm for Woodworking.

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Mini-Groups dedicated to particular areas of interest

Hand Tool SIG

  • Anyone interested in the use of hand tools and traditional woodworking is welcome to join us for discussion of this fascinating topic. Vintage craftsmen have a lot to teach us and we learn by discussing their methods, tools, and our own experiences in the craft.
  • It's also the only place where the question "How do you cut a rabbet with an old woman's tooth?" is both valid and appreciated.

Scroll Saw SIG

  • We cover all aspects of scroll saw use, including fretwork, portraits, pictures, intarsia, segmentation, inlay, marquetry, compound scroll sawing, jig saw puzzles, baskets, bowls, boxes, puzzles, and toys. Meetings include a scheduled topic and discussions of various scroll saw manufacturers, accessories, mediums, techniques, problems and solutions. 

Turning SIG

  • Share your turning experience with us and pick up some tips and techniques

Woodworking Fundamentals SIG 

  • The fundamentals or novice woodworkers SIG is a forum to discuss the basics of woodworking. Topics will vary monthly and will address those areas of specific interest to the members.