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Dec 06, 2022Christmas PartyFamily & FriendsNewsletter-2022-12.pdf
Nov 01, 2022Trials, Tribulations And Lessons Learned In Learning The Capabilities Of A Industrial LaserJohn ZuralesNewsletter-2022-11.pdf
Oct 04, 2022Turn A Platter From 3/4" Thick BoardBruce MetzdorfNewsletter-2022-10.pdf
Sep 06, 2022General FinishesTom MonahanNewsletter-2022-9.pdf
Aug 02, 2022Tree Diseases, Grading and Measuring Standing Timber is rescheduled to the first quarter on 2023.Jay Hayek, Forester, U Of I Extension ServiceNewsletter-2022-8.pdf
Jul 05, 2022Photographing Your WorkKarl Ehlers, Photo Editor, Wood MagazineNewsletter-2022-7.pdf
Jun 07, 2022Favorite Finishes, panel : Lee Nye. Mike Madden, Michael Fross, Bruce Metzdorf & Tom Sharp.Lee Nye. Mike Madden, Michael Fross, Bruce Metzdorf & Tom SharpNewsletter-2022-6.pdf
May 03, 2022Annual Tool AuctionTom Sharp, AuctioneerNewsletter-2022-5.pdf
Apr 05, 20225 Steps of Wood GluingBob BehnkeNewsletter-2022-4.pdf
Mar 01, 2022Tuning Up Your Bandsaw & Milling and Resawing Lumber and LogsAlex SnodgrassNewsletter-2022-3.pdf
Feb 01, 2022Epoxy coating of live edge panelVincentThorgersenNewsletter-2022-2.pdf
Jan 04, 2022Lichtenberg FractalsCraig ClendeningNewsletter-2022-1.pdf
Dec 07, 2021Annual Christmas Party - Has been cancelledFamily & FriendsNewsletter-2021-12.pdf
Nov 02, 2021Making A Keepsake Box Rolund KuhnNewsletter-2021-11.pdf
Oct 05, 2021Annual Tool AuctionTom SharpNewsletter-2021-10.pdf
Sep 07, 2021Restarting In Person MeetingsAll MembersNewsletter-2021-9.pdf
Aug 03, 2021Creating Scroll Saw PatternsKenny HopkinsNewsletter-2021-8.pdf
Jul 06, 2021Restoring Hand PlanesRoland JohnsonNewsletter-2021-7.pdf
Jun 01, 2021How To Turn Yourself A Chess SetArnie BandstraNewsletter-2021-6.pdf
May 04, 2021Hand Cut Dovetails - A New ApproachMichael FrossNewsletter-2021-5.pdf
Apr 06, 2021Basics of WoodcarvingMary MayNewsletter-2021-4.pdf
Mar 02, 2021Hand Planes and Their Specific PurposeJames WrightNewsletter-2021-3.pdf
Feb 02, 2021Turning A Ring & a Pepper MillMark DreyerNewsletter-2021-2.pdf
Jan 05, 2021Inlaying Overview (aka Inlaying Minerals and Shells)Scott GroveNewsletter-2021-1.pdf
Dec 01, 2020In place of the Annual Christmas Party we will have a Zoom Meeting showing Xmas gifts members made.Family & FriendsNewsletter-2020-12.pdf
Nov 03, 2020Technique to cut dovetailed leg joints into a turned column.Arnie BanstraNewsletter-2020-11.pdf
Oct 06, 2020Construction of 18th Century Scroll MouldingsLee NyeNewsletter-2020-10.pdf
Sep 01, 2020Chair Making with Larry CieslaLarry CieslaNewsletter-2020-9.pdf
Aug 04, 2020Making Of Bandsawn Scallop BoxesLee NyeNewsletter-2020-8.pdf
Jul 07, 2020The Furniture Making Jointery presentation has been postponed. Chattering Tool DemonstrationDave BurkNewsletter-2020-7.pdf
Jun 02, 2020Intarsia - This will be a virtual Meeting using ZoomRoland KuhnNewsletter-2020-6.pdf
May 05, 2020FVWW Member Auction - Meeting CancelledTom Sharp, AuctioneerNewsletter-2020-5.pdf
Apr 07, 2020Hand Tool Olympics - Meeting CancelledVarious Members of the Hand Tool SIGNewsletter-2020-4.pdf
Mar 03, 2020Wood CarvingJosh Guge (Guge Art Institute & Art Studio)Newsletter-2020-3.pdf
Feb 04, 2020Turning & Resin InfusionKeith Lackner (Wooden Treasures)Newsletter-2020-2.pdf
Jan 07, 2020Chip Carving with Wayne BartonWayne Barton (Alpine School of Wood Working)Newsletter-2020-1.pdf
Dec 03, 2019Christmas PartyFamily & FriendsNewsletter-2019-12.pdf
Nov 05, 2019Turning TechniquesJeff WalsmaNewsletter-2019-11.pdf
Oct 01, 2019Wood Toy Cars and TruksCory HauserNewsletter-2019-10.pdf
Sep 03, 2019CNC Woodworking Equipment DemonstrationBurt Tichenor - Digital Wood CarverNewsletter-2019-9.pdf
Aug 06, 2019Shopsmith Equipment DemonstrationBrian BigelowNewsletter-2019-8.pdf
Jul 02, 2019Unique Woodworking and FinishingEd Bouvier, the Village WoodwrightNewsletter-2019-7.pdf
Jun 04, 2019Jeff Miller - Understanding the Three Types of Layout LinesJeff MillerNewsletter-2019-6.pdf
May 07, 2019Annual Live Tool AuctionTom Sharp, AuctioneerNewsletter-2019-5.pdf
Apr 02, 2019Epilog Lasers DemonstrationDan Molchan (Owner), Fairway LaserNewsletter-2019-4.pdf
Mar 05, 2019History & Making a Thomas Jefferson deskArnie BandstraNewsletter-2019-3.pdf
Feb 05, 2019Coren’s Rod & Reel, “Making a bamboo fishing rod.”Eric CorenNewsletter-2019-2.pdf
Jan 15, 2019TinsmithingGordon McDugleNewsletter-2019-1.pdf
Dec 04, 2018Christmas PartyFamily & FriendsNewsletter-2018-12.pdf
Nov 06, 2018Veneering curved surfaces, curved inlay and bell flower inlay using single edge razor blades.John GushNewsletter-2018-11.pdf
Oct 02, 2018Holiday Ornament TurningMarie AndersonNewsletter-2018-10.pdf
Sep 04, 2018Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Light FixtureJohn WiedmeyerNewsletter-2018-9.pdf
Aug 07, 2018Making Woodworking ToolsDan CaldwellNewsletter-2018-8.pdf
Jul 03, 2018Making Profiles For Your PlanesEd BouvierNewsletter-2018-7.pdf
Jun 05, 2018Annual Tool AuctionTom SharpNewsletter-2018-6.pdf
May 01, 2018Dave Dockstader talks Scroll SawsDave DockstaderNewsletter-2018-5.pdf
Apr 03, 2018April Fools ProgramFVWWC MembersNewsletter-2018-04.pdf
Mar 06, 2018Starrett ToolsFactory representatives present the latest from Starrett toolsNewsletter-2018-03.pdf
Feb 06, 2018Jim Heavey - Making Arch Raised PanelsJim HeaveyNewsletter-2018-02.pdf
Jan 02, 2018Mark Dreyer on Turning and FinishingMark DreyerNewsletter-2018-01.pdf
Dec 05, 2017Christmas PartyFamily & FriendsNewsletter-2017-12.pdf
Nov 07, 2017Hand Cut DovetailsMike Brady Newsletter-2017-11.pdf
Oct 03, 2017Al Miotke. Al will discuss how he embelishes this turning with carving, painting; etc. Al MiotkeNewsletter-2017-10.pdf
Sep 05, 2017Jim Heavey on FinishingJim HeaveyNewsletter-2017-9.pdf
Aug 01, 2017InlayTerry WestNewsletter-2017-8.pdf
Jul 11, 2017The July General meeting has been cancelled due to a scheduling conflict with the meeting room. Jim Heavey has been reschedule for the September, 2017 General Meeting.Newsletter-2017-7.pdf
Jun 06, 2017Keeping The EdgePaul JablonskyNewsletter-2017-6.pdf
May 02, 2017Annual Tool AuctionTom SharpNewsletter-2017-5.pdf
Apr 01, 2017April Fools (Shop Mistakes)Club MembersNewsletter-2017-4.pdf
Mar 07, 2017The Art of a GunsmithDave NorinNewsletter-2017-3.pdf
Feb 07, 2017CooperingArnie BandstraNewsletter-2017-2.pdf
Jan 03, 2017Pen Turning with Mark DreyerMark DreyerNewsletter-2017-1.pdf
Dec 06, 2016Christmas PartyFamily & FriendsNewsletter_2016-12.pdf
Nov 01, 2016My Favorite Wood Working Jig or FixtureVarious MembersNewsletter_2016-11.pdf
Oct 04, 2016Massachusetts Block Front Chest Lee NyeNewsletter_2016-10.pdf
Sep 06, 2016Jim Heavey on RoutersJim Heavey From Wood MagazineNewsletter_2016-9.pdf
Aug 02, 2016Segmented Turning BasicsAl MiotkeNewsletter_2016-8.pdf
Jul 05, 2016Report On Sharpening TechniquesTom SharpNewsletter_2016-7.pdf
Jun 07, 2016The Village WoodwrightEd BouvierNewsletter_2016_06.pdf
May 03, 2016FVWW Annual Tool AuctionTool AuctionNewsletter_2016-5.pdf
Apr 05, 2016April Fools StoriesFVWWC MembersNewsletter_2016-04.pdf
Mar 02, 2016Using Inkscape to design patterns for ScrollingDave Dockstader & Arnie BandstraNewsletter_2016-3.pdf
Feb 02, 2016The Art of the BicycleMark OsgoodNewsletter_2016-02.pdf
Jan 05, 2016PVC Image LampsEd SchalkNewsletter_2016-01.pdf
Dec 01, 2015Christmas PartyFamily & FriendsNewsletter-2015-12.pdf
Nov 03, 2015Building a Pickin StickJohn ResslerNewsletter-2015-11.pdf
Oct 06, 2015The Village WoodwrightEd BouvierNewsletter-2015-10.pdf
Sep 01, 2015SteveCarlson Trompe-l'œiSteve CarlsonNewsletter-2015-09.pdf
Aug 04, 2015Making Stained Glass PanelsLarry CieslaNewsLetter-2015-08.pdf
Jul 07, 2015Lee on LeighLee NyeNewsLetter-2015-07.pdf
Jun 02, 2015Hot Dog Social and AuctionFVWWCNewsLetter-2015-06.pdf
May 05, 2015Pen TurningRich RosioNewsLetter-2015-05.pdf
Apr 07, 2015April Fools StoriesFVWWC MembersNewsLetter-2015-04.pdf
Mar 03, 2015Bowl from a Board David BettinghausNewsletter-2015-03.pdf
Feb 03, 2015FVWWC Hand Tool OlympicsHand Tool SIGNewsLetter-2015-02.pdf
Jan 06, 2015Bird & Animal Carving TechniquesMike NolandNewsletter-2015-01.pdf
Dec 02, 2014Christmas PartyGuess Who?1214.pdf
Nov 04, 2014Kayak ConstructionJohn Walter1114.pdf
Oct 07, 2014Hand Cut Mortises and TenonsEdward Bouvier1014.pdf
Sep 03, 2014Restoring Hand ToolsMike Brady0914.pdf
Aug 05, 2014I Fix WoodRon Schune0814.pdf
Jul 01, 2014SAPFM / LibraryArne Bandstra / Dave D0714.pdf
Jun 03, 2014Ornamental TurningPaul Pyrcik0614.pdf
May 06, 2014Italian MarguetryLarry Ciesla0514.pdf
Apr 01, 2014April FoolsDave Burk0414.pdf
Mar 04, 2014Knife MakingClarence DeYoung0314.pdf
Feb 04, 2014Woodworking DemoPatrick Murrin0214.pdf
Jan 07, 2014Hand Tool TechniquesEd Bouvier0114.pdf
Dec 03, 2013Christmas PartyFamily & Friends1213.pdf
Nov 05, 2013FestoolsFestools1113.pdf
Oct 01, 2013ViolinsMartin Brunkalla1013.pdf
Sep 03, 2013CarveWrightAllan Malmstrom 0913.pdf
Aug 06, 2013Offset Wood TurningRich Rossio0813.pdf
Jul 02, 2013Hummingbird CabinetsHummingbird Cabinets0713.pdf
Jun 04, 2013Shopsmith Sig PresentsDave DockstaderFVWW0613.pdf
May 07, 2013Chair CaningChair Caning0513.pdf
Apr 02, 2013Carole FloateCarole Floate0413.pdf
Feb 05, 2013FinishingJim Heavey0213.pdf
Jan 08, 2013Band Saw Box ConstructionLarry Anderson0113.pdf
Dec 04, 2012Christmas PartyFamily And Friends1212.pdf
Aug 07, 2012General FinishesSheryl Monahan 0812.pdf
Jul 10, 2012Model TrainsBob Myers0712.pdf
Jun 05, 2012Turning a Pepper MillJason Swanson0612.pdf
May 01, 2012Cabinet ConstructionWade Ellis0512.pdf
Apr 03, 2012Picture FramesKen EveretApr2012.pdf
Feb 07, 2012Handcrafted FurnitureJeff MillerFeb2012.pdf
Jan 03, 2012Taking Better Pictures Of Your ProjectsTom NicolNewsLetterJan2012.pdf
Dec 06, 2011Chrismas PartyFamily and FriendsDecember2011.pdf
Nov 01, 2011Copper Leaf and Dutch Metal GildingDave BurkNovember2011.pdf
Oct 04, 2011Walzcraft, IncSteve LundstenOct2011.pdf
Sep 06, 2011Beyond The Wooden PenMark DreyerNewsLetterSept2011.pdf
Aug 02, 2011Viking ShipLorraine StrawAugust2011.pdf
Jul 05, 2011Chip CarvingWayne BartonNewsLetter_2011-07.pdf
Jun 02, 2011Habitat for HumanityLance DaileyNewsLetter_06_2011.pdf
May 02, 2011Pyrographic Art Sharon BechtoldNewsLetter_05_2011.pdf
Apr 05, 2011Plane SpokenCraig KlucinaNewsletter_Not_available.pdf
Mar 01, 2011CooperingArnie BandstraNewsletter-03-2011.pdf
Feb 01, 2011 Newsletter_Not_available.pdf
Jan 03, 2011 Newsletter_Not_available.pdf
Dec 07, 2010Christmas PartyFamily & FriendsNewsletter_Not_available.pdf
Nov 02, 2010Newsletter not Available Newsletter_Not_available.pdf
Oct 05, 2010Newsletter not Available Newsletter_Not_available.pdf
Sep 07, 2010Newsletter not Available Newsletter_Not_available.pdf
Aug 03, 2010Newsletter not Available Newsletter_Not_available.pdf
Jul 06, 2010Newsletter not Available Newsletter_Not_available.pdf
Jun 01, 2010Newsletter not Available Newsletter_Not_available.pdf
May 04, 2010Newsletter not Available Newsletter_Not_available.pdf
Apr 06, 2010Newsletter not Available Newsletter_Not_available.pdf
Mar 01, 2010NULLNewsletter not Available Newsletter_Not_available.pdf
Feb 02, 2010Newsletter not Available Newsletter_Not_available.pdf
Jan 05, 2010Newsletter not Available Newsletter_Not_available.pdf
Dec 01, 2009Christmas PartyFamily & FriendsDec_09_News.pdf
Nov 03, 2009Bob Dickey Nov_09_News.pdf
Oct 06, 2009Newsletter not Available Oct_09_News.pdf
Sep 01, 2009Newsletter not Available Sep_09_News.pdf
Aug 04, 2009Newsletter not Available Aug_09_News.pdf
Jul 07, 2009Newsletter not Available Jul_09_News.pdf
Jun 02, 2009Newsletter not Available Jun_09_News.pdf
May 05, 2009Sharpening TechniquesPaul Jablonski & Karl Scogin May_09_News.pdf
Apr 07, 2009“Mishaps & Mistakes” FVWWC MembersApr_09_News.pdf
Mar 03, 2009Celia GreinerCelia GreinerMar_09_News.pdf
Feb 03, 2009Bruce & Erika Horigan of Horigan Urban Forest Products Bruce & Erika Horigan of Horigan Urban Forest Products Feb_09_News.pdf
Jan 06, 2009Fairway Laser SystemsFairway LaserJan_09_News.pdf
Dec 02, 2008Christmas PartyFamily & FriendsDec_08_News.pdf
Nov 04, 2008Bird CarvingBud KnoedlerNov_08_News.pdf
Oct 07, 2008TurningRich RossioOct_08_News.pdf
Sep 02, 2008Acquiring Hand ToolsMike BradySep_08_News.pdf
Aug 05, 2008Virtual Shop ToursDoug Olson Aug_08_News.pdf
Jul 01, 2008 Porter Cable’s new OmnijigDaniel Lozon Jul_08_News.pdf
Jun 03, 2008TimbermateBarry GorkJun_08_News.pdf
May 06, 2008Decorative InlayPaul Jablonski May_08_News.pdf
Apr 01, 2008 Apr_08_News,pdf
Mar 04, 2008Decorative Moulding RepairsTom SharpMar_08_News.pdf
Feb 05, 2008CarvingJeff SmithFeb_08_News.pdf
Jan 08, 2008 Workshop Machine Maintenance & SetupMichael LoprioreJan_08_News,pdf
Dec 04, 2007Christmas PartyFamily & FriendsDec_07_News.pdf
Nov 06, 2007Acrylic Turning TechniquesRich RosioNov_07_News.pdf
Oct 02, 2007Furniture DesignJeff MillerOct_07_News.pdf
Sep 04, 2007How to build a Strip CanoeRick OgrenSep_07_News.pdf
Aug 07, 2007 Choosing the correct saw blade or router bit for your next projectGeorge MalleyAug_07_News.pdf
Jul 03, 2007The preparation and usefulness of Scrapers, emphasizing the sharpening and proper use of these toolsChris Yonker of CME Handworks Jul_07_News.pdf
Jun 05, 2007“Handcrafted Wood BoxesBob DickeyJun_07_News.pdf
May 01, 2007The finer points of achieving the traditional lines and joints through the use of hand tools. David WarrenMay_07_News.pdf
Apr 03, 2007“Finishing”Jim HeaveyApr_07_News.pdf
Mar 06, 2007"How To Set-up a Workshop" Wade EllisMar_07_News.pdf
Feb 06, 2007machine setup and maintenance routinesMichael LoprioreFeb_07_News.pdf
Jan 02, 2007 Sharpening Techniques Paul JablonskiJan_07_News.pdf
Dec 05, 2006Christmas PartyFamily & FriendsDec_06_News.pdf
Nov 07, 2006Designing and building custom furnitureSteve Johnsen Nov_06_News.pdf
Oct 03, 2006Techniques for turningRich RosioOct_06_News.pdf
Sep 05, 2006Segmented TurningDavid BettinghausSep_06_News.pdf
Aug 01, 2006Furniture RestorationsLen OlsenAug_06_News.pdf
Jul 04, 2006The art of woodburning or pyrographyGene Westerberg, with his friends Ron Searl and Mike BrownJul_06_News.pdf
Jun 06, 2006NULLWindsor Chairs Terry WestJun_06_News.pdf
May 02, 2006Festool Festool RepresentativeMay_06_News.pdf
Apr 04, 2006IntarsiaBill WillisApr_06_News.pdf
Mar 07, 2006ood and metal sculpturreDavid OrthMar_06_News.pdf
Feb 07, 2006CarvingBob MauFeb_06_News.pdf
Jan 03, 2006Virtual Tour Of Sycamore’s Der Holtzmacher, Ltd. Michael HoltzJan_06_News.pdf
Dec 06, 2005Christmas PartyFamily & FriendsDec05News.pdf
Nov 01, 2005Inlaid WoodcraftJeff StollardNov05News.pdf
Oct 04, 2005 “Virtual Tours w/Doug Olson & “My Vacation” w/Mike Brady Doug Olsen and Mike BradyOct05News.pdf
Sep 06, 2005Scroll Sawing Pat LaporiSep05News.pdf
Aug 02, 2005Relief CarvingDave ReillyAug05News.pdf
Jul 05, 2005TaleidoscopeDave SmithJul05News.pdf
Jun 07, 2005Using a computer in the workshopDoug OlsonJun05News.pdf
May 03, 2005Using Hand Tools in Cabinetry MakingDavid WarrenMay05News.pdf
Apr 05, 2005Lathe TurningRich RossioApr05News.pdf
Mar 01, 2005Floor design possibilities for any size roomDaniel Racareanu from American WoodcraftMar05News.pdf
Feb 01, 2005“Picking the Right Tool for the Job”Ken RunyanFeb05News.pdf
Jan 04, 20053-D scroll saw workDon BernsJan05News.pdf
Dec 07, 2004Christmas PartyFamily & FriendsDec04News.pdf
Nov 02, 2004 Nov04News.pdf
Oct 05, 2004JoineryRorke Miller, of Miller Dowel Co.Oct04News.pdf
Sep 07, 2004use and care of hand tools like the plane, cabinet scraper, spoke shave and othersJeff MillerSep04News.pdf
Aug 03, 200410 Minute Shop TipsSherri Kahoot, from Humanitarian Services and varios members of FVWWAug04News.pdf
Jul 06, 2004JoineryRorke Miller, of Miller Dowel Co.Jul04News.pdf
Jun 01, 2004Violin MakingRebecca Elliott, of the Chicago School of Violin MakingJun04News.pdf
May 04, 2004How to design and build a Cheval MirrorMember Mike MaddenMay04News.pdf
Apr 06, 2004The Bauhaus Apprenticeship Institute of ChicagoBerthold SchwaigerApr04News.pdf
Mar 02, 2004Shaker Style BoxesJohn Kellogg from The Home Shop Woodworking SchoolMar04News.pdf
Feb 03, 2004Turning with Dick SingDick Sing & Chris DeHut of Woodworking At HomeFeb04News.pdf
Jan 06, 2004CarvingJoe Dillett of The Carving Shop in Sandwich, IL.Jan04News.pdf


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