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Meeting Name: Spoon Carving
Meeting Date: 3/6/2012
Guest: Jim Byrne
Description: Program description: In the last 300 years, the carving of the Welsh love spoon and many other woodworking handicrafts have become commercialized or kept alive by museum specialists and hobbyists only for historical reasons. For the survivors, power tools and techniques of production woodworking replaced hand tools and handiwork. By drawing parallels between woodcarving and other types of woodworking, this presentation on the evolution from handicraft to production in quantity will be especially directed at people in hand tool and period furniture special interest groups. Examples of love spoons carved in the Welsh tradition and carving techniques will be shown, and patterns suitable for beginning or experienced carvers will be distributed.

I will use a paper hand-out with designs and rely on you with the TV camera to make the small spoons visible. I will bring a grid to work on. It will give you and me a target to stay in and hopefully reduce your work in trying to keep up with my hands. The hand-out will give the folks designs to take home and try or scrap paper for oragami.
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