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Meeting Name: Vacuum Bag Veneering
Meeting Date: 11/6/2012
Guest: Paul Jablonski
Description: Paul Jablonski Vacuum Bag Veneering my November FVWWC presentation, my topic is "Vacuum Bag Veneering: Expanding Your Woodworking Capabilities." My intent, at the moment, is to start my presentation by actually showing the group how to glue up a veneered panel. I plan to do that quickly within the first few minutes of the presentation so that I can actually take the finished panel out of the vacuum bag by the end of the presentation some 45-60 minutes later. Then I have a computer-based presentation to beam up on the wall to talk about the history of veneering; the equipment and supplies needed, as well as the costs of the various options; the appropriateness of the different adhesives; and then hopefully to go more slowly in a question and answer format through the actual steps in a systematic format of how to lay up and press veneer, hopefully expanding the minds of the audience by showing them that there is a lot more creativity in learning to complement woodworking projects that heretofore were make only with solid wood with the incredible versatility and beauty of figured veneer that is not commonly available in solid lumber. I will also recommend sources of veneer, veneering supplies, and books and DVDs to learn more about vacuum bag veneering.
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