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Welcome - Home Of The Fox Valley Woodworkers
Our club provides a forum through which members can express, share and promote a common interest in woodworking.

Regardless of your area of interest or skill level. novice to expert, you are sure to enjoy what FVWWC has to offer.

Guests are invited to stop by one of our General Meetings and see what we are all about!

Hope to see YOU there soon!!!

Fox Valley Woodworkers Club, Inc.
Meetings: First Tuesday of the month at 7:30 (Doors at 6:30)
Bethany Lutheran Church
8 S. Lincoln
Batavia, Illinois
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Contact Us: FVWW
PO Box 1041
Batavia, IL 60510-1041
Phone: (630)-886-4230
Email: woodworkers@fvwwc.org
Membership Dues: Dues are only $30.00 per year - per individual, couple or family per household. This includes a club badge, the monthly newsletter, monthly meetings with quest speakers, free book, video and magazine rentals, membership booklet, discounts at participating suppliers, participation in our Christmas Toy Drive and a chance to meet interesting people who share your enthusiasm for Woodworking.

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Next Meeting
Making A Keepsake Box

Rolund Kuhn
Roland will discuss how he makes intarsia keepsake boxes.

You Too Could Build A SatelliteThe world's first wooden satellite will launch this year By Tereza Pultarova - Senior Writer 6/14/2021 A Scandinavian cubesat will test how plywood withstands the space environment. Woodsat will test how plywood performs in space. (Sorry, can't load the picture.) The world’s first "wooden satellite" is preparing to launch this year. WISA Woodsat, a nanosatellite that measures 4 by 4 by 4 inches (10 by 10 by 10 centimeters) and weighs about 2.2 lbs. (1 kilogram), uses a special type of coated plywood (called WISA) for its surface panels. The wooden satellite will launch as part of a mission, designed by Arctic Astronautics, a Finnish company manufacturing cubesat kits for students. The aim of the mission is to test the behavior and durability of these plywood panels in the extreme conditions of space and assess its suitability for future missions. The satellite will be outfitted with two cameras, one of which will be attached to a metal selfie stick, allowing the mission team to observe how the satellite's plywood surface changes in the space environment. From www.space.com Of course you need to have a good reputation with a country's space agency.

Meeting DateTitle
(Click For Details)
Jan 05, 2021Inlaying Overview (aka Inlaying Minerals and Shells)Scott GroveNewsletter-2021-1.pdf
Feb 02, 2021Turning A Ring & a Pepper MillMark DreyerNewsletter-2021-2.pdf
Mar 02, 2021Hand Planes and Their Specific PurposeJames WrightNewsletter-2021-3.pdf
Apr 06, 2021Basics of WoodcarvingMary MayNewsletter-2021-4.pdf
May 04, 2021Hand Cut Dovetails - A New ApproachMichael FrossNewsletter-2021-5.pdf
Jun 01, 2021How To Turn Yourself A Chess SetArnie BandstraNewsletter-2021-6.pdf
Jul 06, 2021Restoring Hand PlanesRoland JohnsonNewsletter-2021-7.pdf
Aug 03, 2021Creating Scroll Saw PatternsKenny HopkinsNewsletter-2021-8.pdf
Sep 07, 2021Restarting In Person MeetingsAll MembersNewsletter-2021-9.pdf
Oct 05, 2021Annual Tool AuctionTom SharpNewsletter-2021-10.pdf
Nov 02, 2021Making A Keepsake Box Rolund Kuhn
Dec 07, 2021Christmas PartyFamily & Friends


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